Why New Directions Anger Management Evaluations?


I really appreciate the level of professionalism and kindness that I was shown during this process. My counselor Trevor was extremely professional, non-judgmental, and made me feel at ease. I appreciate the time he spent with me and his assistance in helping me through this difficult time. - MM

Fees for an Anger Management Assessment for Court Requirements

Our standard procedure, weekday services, is when the assessment is completed in 5 business days after the clinical interview is done and costs $300.

Rush Order & Weekend Services

If your situation requires a speedier completion of your Anger Management Assessment, we have that option. There may be extra fees included depending on your needs and time frame.

Once the clinical interview is completed, assessments can be delivered:

Anger Management Assessment

Standard delivery is 5 bussiness days

Same Business Day*

Assessment report delivered the day of the clinical interview.

Next Business Day**

Assessment report delivered the day following the clinical interview.

3 Business Days

Assessment report delivered 3 business days following the clinical interview.

Why New Directions Anger Management Evaluations?

New Directions provides affordable, professional, and timely anger management assessments. Whether an anger management assessment was a suggestion or a requirement, we understand that a single incident does not define a person, We start from a neutral position and listen first. Then we provide an objective and fair evaluation of the situation in context. We follow that with a report that may include helpful suggestions for the individual and the court.

High-Quality Evaluations

When dealing with anger management in a court context, it is crucial you choose a high-quality assessment provider to ensure all the right information is presented to the court. Since 2012, we have provided high-caliber online evaluations for those who need court-ordered anger management assessments.

Our detailed assessments are performed by experienced and empathetic evaluators.

Experienced Professionals

New Directions has an experienced team who understands what prosecutors, judges, and lawyers need for an acceptable anger management evaluation for court.

Money-Back Guarantee

Our anger management assessments are guaranteed to be accepted by criminal courts and employers. If you experience any problem with our assessment being accepted in a criminal court or by an employer, please let us know, and we will provide a full refund.

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Our Process for Obtaining a Court-Ordered Anger Management Assessment Is Fast & Simple:

1. Register directly online or call our office.

2. Complete an online questionnaire.

3. Complete a 45–55 minute online or phone interview with our evaluator.

4. Your report will be sent to your email in 5 days (rush options available).

Get An Anger Management Assessment for a Court Today

New Directions provides voluntary and court-ordered professional anger management assessment services online or by phone for individuals in all 50 states.


Courts and employers routinely ask for an anger management evaluation in cases when there’s been:

  • A domestic dispute

  • A domestic violence (DV) charge

  • A disorderly conduct charge

  • An altercation at work

  • Anger displayed in traffic

  • Other similar circumstances

Our evaluators are trained to diagnose and treat mental and emotional disorders. The anger management evaluation helps you and the court (or your employer) accurately understand your current ability to successfully manage angry feelings or impulses.

While many individuals that we assess don’t have an established problem with anger, for those that do, we provide practical recommendations to satisfy courts or employers.

We’ll also offer suggestions to improve your ability to manage stress and frustration and find healthier ways to express anger.

Once the questionnaire and interview are completed, we’ll email a report prepared with the needs of the court or your employer in mind. Courts and employers only see your document if you provide it to them.

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What Others Are Saying About New Directions Assessments


Quick, professional, straight to the point. Once hundred times better than attempting in person programs if you have a court order assessment. I highly recommend NDSBS.


We were able to complete the questionnaire online and the interview via telephone. It took about an hour and the report came back a few days later as promised. I highly recommend going this route for your voluntary or mandated assessment.


I’m especially pleased with the professionalism, timeliness, and willingness to help with specific questions/concerns regarding my general alcohol/substance abuse evaluation completed by Trevor.


This service was just what I needed! I was in a rush, and it provided the perfect opportunity to get my assessment done within the timeframe I needed! Highly recommended, and Trevor was very helpful, a great interviewer.

Anger Management Evaluations Accepted in All 50 States

Rest assured that our anger management evaluations are widely recognized and accepted in every state in America. Contact us today to get a professional and affordable anger management evaluation.


Anger management evaluations for court can seem overwhelming, but we’ll guide you through each step. Here are a few common questions we get when discussing the process.

What Is an Anger Management Assessment?

An anger management assessment is a way to look into your history, what triggers your anger now, and your ability to manage it in healthy ways. It’s not a judgment of you. Instead, it puts puzzle pieces together to get the full picture of your ability to self-manage anger or feelings of frustration.

Depending on the assessment results, you may or may not be able to go back to work, make parole, or get a lesser crime sentence.

Where Can I Get an Anger Management Assessment Near Me?

With New Directions, you can get an anger management evaluation from the comfort of your home. Accepted in all 50 states, our phone and online anger management assessments are accepted by both employers and the courts.

What Does an Anger Management Evaluation Consist Of?

An anger management evaluation consists of steps designed to understand the causes of your anger and your ability to cope with it. It begins with some basic questions so our evaluators can understand your situation.

Then, one of our trained evaluators will interview you, ask various questions and share with you a professional opinion on your situation which will also be put in a formal report for you to review before your next court appearance.

When answering questions, answer them as honestly as possible. It is usually helpful if the evaluator understands more about you than simply the incident that lead to the need for an assessment.

*Same Business Day Assessment Report Delivery: AM Interview - delivery available the same business day, PM interview - delivery available by noon the next business day.
**Next Business Day Assessment Report Delivery: Delivery by 5pm the next business day.

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