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I really appreciate the level of professionalism and kindness that I was shown during this process. My counselor Trevor was extremely professional, non-judgmental, and made me feel at ease. I appreciate the time he spent with me and his assistance in helping me through this difficult time. - MM

Fees for a DUI Alcohol Assessment

Our standard procedure, weekday services, is when the assessment is completed within 5 business days after the clinical interview is done and costs $300.00.

Rush Order & Weekend Services

If your situation requires a speedier completion of your DUI evaluation for court, we have that option. There may be extra fees included depending on your needs and time frame.

Once the clinical interview is completed, assessments can be delivered:

DUI Alcohol Assessment

Our standard procedure.

Same Business Day *

DUI Alcohol Assessment completed the day of the clinical interview.

Next Business Day **

DUI Alcohol Assessment completed the day following the clinical interview.


DUI Alcohol Assessment completed on a major holiday.

Why New Directions Assessments Drug & Alcohol Assessments?

Facing a legal issue related to alcohol, such as a DUI, can be a challenging experience. An individual may need to undergo a DUI assessment, also called an alcohol assessment or evaluation, as part of the legal process. Explore what sets New Directions apart as a trusted provider of DUI assessment services.

High-Quality Evaluations

Since 2010, we have provided high-quality online assessments performed by trained and experienced evaluators. We treat every case we receive with a high level of professionalism and attention to detail.

Experienced Professionals

Our experienced team of professional substance abuse evaluators understand what prosecutors, judges and lawyers are looking for and how to conduct court-accepted assessments.

Money-Back Guarantee

If you are not pleased with the quality of your DUI assessment online, let us know. We will do everything we can to make things right. Our money-back guarantee ensures your assessment will be accepted by the requesting authority.

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Our Process for Obtaining a DUI Alcohol Evaluation Is Fast & Simple

Follow these steps to complete a DUI assessment online.

1. Register directly online or call our office.

2. Complete an online questionnaire.

3. Participate in an interview with our evaluator.

4. Receive your report.

Start Your DUI Alcohol Assessment Today!

New Directions provides professional alcohol assessments and evaluations online (by phone or video) for individuals in all 50 states. While the majority of DUI arrests are not due to a condition of alcoholism, courts often require an alcohol assessment completed by a qualified professional. The assessment determines if a true alcohol use disorder exists and whether or not education or treatment is recommended to minimize public or personal risk in the future.


What Instances Is a DUI Assessment Good For?

  • A DUI assessment can help a judge determine if someone needs rehabilitation to help them overcome challenges involving alcohol or drugs.

  • Seeking a DUI assessment can show a court someone’s willingness to take responsibility for a situation and often results in a gentler or more favorable sentence.

  • A DUI assessment is often required to restore a driver’s license.

You may be wondering, how do I get DUI assessments near me?

New Directions provides DUI assessments online or by phone for individuals across the United States. All of our evaluators are trained to diagnose substance use disorders.

After you complete a questionnaire and interview, your evaluator will email a professional court-ready document to review so you can provide it to the court. Courts, probation offices, and legal representatives only see your document when you choose to provide it to them.

What’s Included in Your Online DUI Evaluation Document?

  • A summary of the questions you answered about your alcohol use history.

  • Recommendations from your evaluator regarding recommended next steps, if there are any. If applicable, this can include recommendations regarding further education, counseling, or treatment.

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Quick, professional, straight to the point. Once hundred times better than attempting in person programs if you have a court order assessment. I highly recommend NDSBS.


We were able to complete the questionnaire online and the interview via telephone. It took about an hour and the report came back a few days later as promised. I highly recommend going this route for your voluntary or mandated assessment.


I’m especially pleased with the professionalism, timeliness, and willingness to help with specific questions/concerns regarding my general alcohol/substance abuse evaluation completed by Trevor.


This service was just what I needed! I was in a rush, and it provided the perfect opportunity to get my assessment done within the timeframe I needed! Highly recommended, and Trevor was very helpful, a great interviewer.

DUI Alcohol Assessments Accepted in All 50 States

Each state has different rules regarding completing DUI alcohol assessments and how they can be used in court. These differences can make navigating the assessment process complex as people try to figure out their state’s specific requirements and processes. However, our DUI alcohol assessments have been accepted in all 50 states, making the process simple and easy.

Click on the map to see which states accept our court and probation department assessments and license reinstatement assessments.


We compiled answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about DUI assessments.

What is a DUI alcohol evaluation?

A DUI alcohol evaluation, also called an alcohol assessment, allows a trained professional to determine whether an individual might be struggling with an alcohol problem. It’s often used in a legal setting to decide on the next steps, such as after a DUI charge. When charged with driving under the influence, most states will require you to undergo this type of evaluation.

Evaluators consider an individual’s occupational and relationship history as well as habits with use of alcohol or drugs. The evaluation aims to determine if someone is likely to have more DUI incidents, and needs help with alcohol-related issues.

Some states require this evaluation to occur after an initial arrest but before appearing in court. When this process is complete, the judge can consider the completed evaluation when sentencing the individual. In other states, a DUI evaluation could help someone get deferred sentencing to avoid a DUI conviction altogether.

Will the courts accept an online DUI evaluation?

In most cases, yes, the court will accept the results of an online evaluation when there is a licensed professional conducting and signing off professionally on the final report document Professional online alcohol and drug evaluations are becoming increasingly common, offering convenience and affordability.

What do I need for a DUI evaluation?

During a DUI evaluation, you will be asked to provide information about the following:

  • Health history

  • Alcohol use and drinking patterns

  • Employment status

  • Close relationships

What does a DUI evaluation entail?

When you complete an online DUI evaluation, you will begin by filling out a questionnaire. Then, your interview will be conducted via phone or video conference with one of New Directions’ trained evaluators.

The evaluator will ask about your personality, occupation, some medical history, driving record, past drug and alcohol use, and drinking patterns.

What is involved in a DUI alcohol assessment?

During a DUI alcohol assessment, a DUI evaluator will use your answers to their questions to determine your risk level. They can classify you as minimal, moderate, significant, or high risk, which helps to decide whether you may benefit from substance abuse treatment and/or how many DUI education hours might be recommended or required.

What happens if I don't complete a DUI assessment?

Completing a DUI assessment can help your sentence be more lenient or favorable. More importantly, it can help decrease your risk of future issues connected with alcohol or substance use.

Failing to complete a DUI assessment may place you in a vulnerable place in the areas noted above. If you have lost your license you may be unable to get it reinstated without completing a DUI/Alcohol use assessment. It is also possible that in court you may appear that you are avoiding personal responsibility for the incident.

*Same Business Day Assessment Report Delivery: AM Interview - delivery available the same business day, PM interview - delivery available by noon the next business day. **Next Business Day Assessment Report Delivery: Delivery by 5pm the next business day.

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