Why Choose New Directions Assessments’ Family Court Mental Health Services?


I really appreciate the level of professionalism and kindness that I was shown during this process. My counselor Trevor was extremely professional, non-judgmental, and made me feel at ease. I appreciate the time he spent with me and his assistance in helping me through this difficult time. - MM

Fees for a Family Court Mental Health Evaluation

Our standard procedure, weekday services, is when the assessment is completed within 5 business days after the clinical interview is done and costs $825.00.

Rush Order Weekend Services

If your situation requires a speedier completion of your mental health assessment for family court, we have that option. There may be extra fees included depending on your needs and time frame.

Once the clinical interview is completed, assessments can be delivered:

Family Court Mental Health Evaluation

Our standard procedure.

Same Business Day *

Family court mental health services completed the day of the clinical interview.

Next Business Day **

Family court mental health services completed the day following the clinical interview.


Family court mental health services completed on a major holiday.

Why New Directions Assessments Family Court Mental Health Evaluations?

New Directions Assessments offers affordable and fair mental health evaluations for family court cases.

High-Quality Evaluations

When dealing with something as high stakes as family court cases, it’s essential to use a high-quality evaluation provider. New Directions is dedicated to providing thorough family court mental health evaluations. We treat every case we receive with a high degree of professionalism and thorough attention to detail.

Experienced Professionals

Judges and lawyers need the right information to make more informed decisions for what’s in the best long-term interests of the children involved in the case. Our team of professional evaluators has experience working with lawyers and judges and know what is expected in a standard family court assessment. This will make the entire process easier for you.

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Our Process to Obtain a Family Court Mental Health Evaluation is Fast & Simple:

1. Register directly online or call our office.

2. Complete an online questionnaire.

3. Complete a 45-55 minute online or phone interview with our evaluator.

4. Wait for your secure report to be directly sent to your email.

Start Your Family Court Mental Health Assessment Today

Our service helps thousands of individuals every year who need a fast but professional assessment to present in court as it considers the safety and custody of children.

We understand being in family court can be a stressful process, and in some cases, individuals may be facing unjustified allegations or exaggerated reports about their mental health or use of alcohol, drugs, or medications.

Our online questionnaire and clinical interview are designed to give you the opportunity to share your side of the story with a professional and have them provide a fair and timely report to assist you and your attorney in the family court process.


Typically, the circumstances leading to an assessment in family court involve one or more of the following:

One parent is concerned or alleging that another parent’s alcohol, substance, or medication use, or general mental health, poses a risk or hazard to the safety and well-being of their children.

A judge or guardian may have evidence about a recent event that raises concerns. This could be regarding a parent’s alcohol or drug use, prescribed medication use, or general mental health that presents a potential risk or hazard to children who might be under their care.

Regardless of the context, New Directions is here to help you satisfy this requirement professionally and efficiently with a proven, convenient process from the remote location of your choosing.

Please Note: Family court assessments differ from criminal court assessments due to the potential for high conflict between parents and attorneys. There may be complex court orders to review, additional interviews to conduct, and reporting standards which exceed those used in criminal courts.

In some cases, the court or opposing party will request a second opinion since child safety is a factor. For this reason, New Directions is unable to offer a money-back guarantee for a completed family court assessment. In some rare cases, we may also decline to provide the assessment and refer you to a local provider if our evaluator believes it’s in your best interest professionally. You would be fully refunded in such a circumstance.

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What Others Are Saying About New Directions Assessments


Quick, professional, straight to the point. Once hundred times better than attempting in person programs if you have a court order assessment. I highly recommend NDSBS.


We were able to complete the questionnaire online and the interview via telephone. It took about an hour and the report came back a few days later as promised. I highly recommend going this route for your voluntary or mandated assessment.


I’m especially pleased with the professionalism, timeliness, and willingness to help with specific questions/concerns regarding my general alcohol/substance abuse evaluation completed by Trevor.


This service was just what I needed! I was in a rush, and it provided the perfect opportunity to get my assessment done within the timeframe I needed! Highly recommended, and Trevor was very helpful, a great interviewer.

Family Court Mental Health Evaluation Accepted in All 50 States

New Directions mental health evaluations have been accepted in all 50 states. Contact us to find a qualified mental health evaluator today and get your assessment done in a matter of days.


For many, the process of getting a mental health assessment for the family court is a complicated process. We’re hoping to make it a little easier by providing answers to common questions we often get asked.

What Happens in a Mental Assessment?

In a mental health assessment for family court, the evaluator will ask various questions about your personal history, family of origin, overall physical and mental health, occupation, relationships, hobbies, and overall satisfaction with your life.

After the interview, the evaluator will provide information about your mental health and make any recommendations for treatment if appropriate. They will also share helpful mental health resources.

How Long Does a Mental Health Assessment Take?

It will depend on the assessment provider. Our mental health assessment interview usually takes 45–55 minutes.Your assessment report will then be delivered in 5 business days.

*Same Business Day Assessment Report Delivery: AM Interview - delivery available the same business day, PM interview - delivery available by noon the next business day. **Next Business Day Assessment Report Delivery: Delivery by 5pm the next business day.

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