Refunds are provided where the authority who requested the assessment (court, probation department, employer) will not accept the assessment we provided.

All refund requests must be applied for within 30 days of your assessment interview. All refund requests must be initiated through your account by clicking on "my 
transactions" and "refund requests" in your account dashboard. You agree that New Directions will first attempt to contact any third party that does not accept your assessment to see 

if there is some additional information needed to gain acceptance of your report or service. If New Directions cannot make contact with the requesting party, you must provide valid
written proof that your evaluation was not accepted by the requesting party. This includes letterhead and full contact information.

Refunds are not granted in situations where: key information and case facts were not presented to New Directions; inaccurate information was provided to New Directions (questionnaire or interview);
you missed a deadline to present your assessment; the assessment was accepted in one context (e.g. court) but declined in another context (e.g. motor vehicle bureau);
or you attempted to use the wrong assessment per authorities' requirements and guidance.

Additionally, assessments presented in a family court context and DOT/SAP evaluations are non-refundable services. Rush order portions of the service fee are non-refundable
unless a refund is requested before the clinical interview.

Receiving a second opinion is not a valid reason to request a refund from New Directions.

Refunds will be processed within 15-30 days of the decision date.