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Available Evaluation Options

DUI Alcohol Evaluation

In DUI cases, courts usually order an evaluation to assess whether an underlying alcohol abuse disorder has contributed to the situation so they can determine whether treatment would help.

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General Drug and Alcohol Assessment

This type of evaluation may be ordered in cases that involve street drugs, prescription medications, or alcohol. Also known as an A&D assessment, AOD assessment, or AODA assessment.

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Domestic Violence Assessment

Courts and other authorities may ask for a domestic violence evaluation to determine an individual’s risk of instigating domestic violence or assault.

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Basic Alcohol Assessment

Employers and courts will use an alcohol evaluation to determine whether an individual has a clinical alcohol disorder

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Mental Health Assessment

Mental health evaluations help courts determine whether an individual is capable of testifying in court or whether a mental health disorder has contributed to their behavior.

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Underage/Minor in Possession

People under 21 charged with alcohol or drug-related offenses may be ordered to complete a minor in possession evaluation by a school, court, or other authority.

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License Reinstatement

If you’ve had your license suspended or revoked, the DMV will usually require a license reinstatement assessment as part of the process of restoring your driving privileges.

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Workplace Incident Drug and Alcohol Assessment

Workers with workplace drug and alcohol policy infractions may be required to complete this assessment as part of an incident report, or following a positive drug test.

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Anger Management Assessment

This is a evaluation that aims to determine whether an anger issue contributed to an altercation at work, assault, road-rage incident, or another incident.

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It’s incredibly stressful to be asked to complete a DUI alcohol evaluation. Luckily, New Directions offers convenient, streamlined access to trained evaluators. Since 2010, more than 5,500 clients have benefited from our court- and employer-ordered assessments for DUI, anger management, substance abuse, and more.

Choose how you’d like to get started with us:

  • Register and complete your assessment entirely online1
    • Stop by our kiosk in Audio Dreams on Foothill Boulevard in La Verne to start the process 

    However you choose to begin your DUI evaluation, you can take comfort that with assessments accepted in 48 states and more than 750 counties, New Directions can help you start to move forward in rebuilding your life.

Reasons to Choose New Directions

A Trusted Reputation

With thousands of satisfied clients across the country, we have been a leader in providing court- and employer-accepted assessments for more than 12 years.

Qualified Professionals

New Directions offers our clients the highest standards of quality. Our assessments have been accepted in 48 states, and all evaluations are completed by professionals.

Online Convenience

We offer a streamlined service. Most evaluation reports are returned within five business days of completing the assessment process. For an additional fee, we can also offer rush processing.

How Do I Know This Assessment Will Be Accepted?

Brian talks about what courts, employers, and various authorities look for to consider an assessment legitimate and acceptable.

Have Questions? We Have Answers. Read Our FAQ.

I have a very tight deadline. Can you meet it?

We do offer rush processing, but additional fees apply. It’s important that you also contact us before requesting your assessment to make sure we can complete your service by the date you need.

Is there a way to make sure my evaluation will be accepted before I pay for it?

New Directions is approved by most state court systems and DMVs. However, you can always double-check by contacting the authority that ordered your assessment. You can also call us, or look up California on the "check my state" map on our home page. 

Do you have references I can check before deciding to go forward?

Absolutely. We are happy to provide references for you to check. Just call 1-800-671-8589 to request them.

Does New Directions keep my information private?

Yes, the privacy and security of your data is one of our top priorities. For a detailed description of our privacy terms (including limitations on confidentiality under state and federal law), please read our Consent for Service and Terms of Agreement.

Key points about our approach to client privacy include:

  • All records are stored on SSL-encrypted servers
  • NDSBS does not record sessions conducted via webcam/video

Can I receive a refund if my assessment is rejected?

Before requesting a refund, please read our refund policy under Terms of Service carefully. When a requesting party will not accept our assessment and you meet the conditions of our Terms of Service Refund Policy, we will refund your assessment fee (excluding rush-processing fees). Refunds must be requested within 45 days of completing your assessment. 

Will you send the assessment straight to me when it’s done?

Once your report is complete, your evaluator will e-mail you a copy. You can either forward the report or give your evaluator permission to send it to the requesting authority on your behalf. Some exceptions apply in cases where there has been an official order from a court. 

1 May not be accepted in all locations