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  • Complete your alcohol assessment at our convenient kiosk location. The tablets at our kiosk locations allow you to register, pay, and complete an assessment.

Our Evaluation Options

Basic Alcohol Assessment

Courts and employers may request this assessment in cases where a clinical alcohol disorder is suspected.

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General Drug and Alcohol Assessment

This type of report may also be called an AOD assessment, AODA assessment, or A&D assessment. It is usually ordered in cases involving alcohol, prescription medication, or street drugs.

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Driver’s License Reinstatement

DMVs require an independent license reinstatement evaluation when deciding whether to restore a suspended or revoked driving license.

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DWI/DUI Evaluation

Courts often request an independent evaluation to determine whether an underlying alcohol abuse disorder has contributed to a DUI/DWI charge.

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Workplace Incident Drug and Alcohol Assessment

This evaluation is typically requested by employers when investigating a workplace alcohol and drug policy violation.

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Domestic Violence Assessment

This type of evaluation aims to help courts and other authorities determine whether an individual is a potential risk in a domestic violence situation.

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Minor in Possession

Schools, courts, and other authorities may request this report in cases where a person under 21 faces alcohol or drug-related offenses.

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Mental Health Evaluation

This evaluation attempts to determine if an individual has a mental health disorder that affects their behavior.

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Anger Management Assessment

This specific type of evaluation may be ordered following a workplace altercation, assault charge, or road-rage incident.

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Facing a court order and need to find an alcohol assessment near you? Get the help you need from New Directions. Since 2010, we’ve completed more than 5,500 assessments for alcohol, mental health, substance abuse, and more—including thousands of secure online assessments1.

Our services are accepted by more than 750 counties in 48 states. That includes the California DMV, courts, and probation offices.

There are two ways you can get started with us:
•    Request your evaluation online
•    Visit our kiosk at Six Autosound on West Olympic Boulevard in L.A.

Whatever suits your needs, the qualified professionals at New Directions can help you complete your assessment and get ready to move on with your life.

Reasons Why You Should Choose New Directions

Efficiency and Convenience

Get started online or at a kiosk location near you. Once your assessment is complete, we will typically return your report within five working days. For an additional cost, you can also request rush processing.

Experienced, Qualified Evaluators

The evaluators at New Directions evaluators are trained and experienced in giving the assessments. Their services and New Directions assessments are accepted across 48 states and more than 750 counties.

Trusted Reputation

For more than 12 years, New Directions has provided high-quality services to clients without legal complaints or ethical violations of any kind. We are proud of our tradition of excellence.

How Do I Know This Assessment Will Be Accepted?

Brian talks about what courts, employers, and various authorities look for to consider an assessment legitimate and acceptable.

Frequently Asked Questions About Us

Do you keep my information private?

Client information privacy and security is of the highest importance to us.

Please read our Consent for Service and Terms of Agreement for a detailed description of our privacy terms, including limitations placed on confidentiality by state and federal law.

To secure your information, we:
•    Use SSL-encrypted servers to store all client data
•    Do not record sessions conducted via webcam/video

My assessment is due right away. Can you help?

Rush processing is available. Please contact us to make sure we can complete your service by your deadline before you start the assessment process. Additional costs apply.

Can I check whether my evaluation will be accepted before I pay for it?

Yes. Feel free to call us or to contact the authority that ordered your assessment. New Directions assessments are accepted by most state court systems and DMVs, including those in California. You can also visit the "check my state" map on our home page.

Can I check references for New Directions?

Yes. Please call us at 1-800-671-8589 and we will be happy to send you references to check.

Will you send the assessment straight to me when it’s done?

Yes, your evaluator will e-mail you a copy of your report when it’s complete. You can either forward the report or give your evaluator permission to send it to the requesting authority on your behalf. Some exceptions apply in cases where there has been an official order from a court.

Can I receive a refund if my assessment is rejected?

Refunds are available in accordance with the policy laid out in our Terms of Service. Please read our refund policy under Terms of Service carefully before requesting a refund. When a requesting party will not accept our assessment and you meet the conditions of our Terms of Service Refund Policy, we will refund your assessment fee (rush-processing fees are excluded from refunds). You must request a refund within 45 days of completing your assessment.

1 May not be accepted in all locations