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  • Complete your alcohol assessment at our convenient kiosk location. The tablets at our kiosk locations allow you to register, pay, and complete an assessment.

Explore Our Assessments

Anger Management Evaluation

Individuals involved in altercations at work, incidents of road rage, domestic disputes, or similar circumstances may be asked to complete an anger management assessment to determine whether a mental health-related issue is contributing to their behavior.

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General Drug and Alcohol Assessment

Sometimes called an A&D assessment or AOD assessment, drug and alcohol assessments are usually requested as part of an arrest or court-related matter that involves suspected use of street drugs, prescription medication abuse, or alcohol.

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DUI/DWI Assessment

Courts and employers use DUI assessments to ascertain if a DUI charge is related to an underlying alcohol disorder. This helps authorities determine whether education or treatment could help reduce the risk of a repeat offense later.

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Basic Alcohol Assessment

Employers and courts require basic alcohol assessments to determine whether an individual has or is at risk of a clinical alcohol abuse disorder.

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License Reinstatement

Professional assessment by a licensed evaluator can help determine whether an individual can have their driving license restored after losing it for reckless driving, DUI/DWI, or another incident.

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Mental Health Assessment

Adoption agencies, employers, or court representatives may request a mental health assessment for an individual who has received a legal charge of disorderly conduct, domestic violence, or been involved in an altercation that required law enforcement involvement.

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Underage/Minor in Possession

Persons under the age of 21 who have been caught drinking or possessing alcohol or an illegal substance are commonly required by courts or their school to undergo professional assessment.

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Workplace Incident Drug and Alcohol Assessment

Employees who test positive or otherwise violate workplace drug and alcohol policies may be required to complete this assessment.

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Domestic Violence Assessment

Frequently required in domestic dispute cases or as the result of domestic violence or disorderly conduct charges.

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New Directions has been helping individuals fulfill substance abuse assessments and other court- or employer-ordered evaluations for over 12 years. New Directions evaluators are trained and qualified professionals who can help you through your assessment. Our evaluations are accepted in more than 750 counties in 48 states.

If your employer or other authority has ordered a substance abuse assessment, anger management assessment, or other evaluation, we can help you get through this stressful time quickly and conveniently.

Visit our kiosk inside Dearing Automotive in Austin to get started.

Why You Should Choose New Directions for Your Assessment

Reputable and Authorized

New Directions has been in business for more than 12 years. Courts and employers across the nation have accepted a wide range of substance abuse assessments and other evaluations from us.


Our customers, courts, and motor vehicle departments have learned to trust the quality of our evaluations. Our professional evaluators and program are both qualified to perform your assessments online1 for a variety of circumstances.

Online and Convenient

Get started now online or visit one of our convenient kiosk locations near you. Evaluations are typically returned within five business days after the assessment is completed with rush processing available.

How Do I Know This Assessment Will Be Accepted?

Brian talks about what courts, employers, and various authorities look for to consider an assessment legitimate and acceptable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have references that I can check before I decide to register for an assessment?

Yes. Feel free to contact us by phone at 1-800-671-8589, and we can provide you with professional references.

Can I find out before paying for my assessment if it will be accepted?

Please refer to the "check my state" map on our home page to check your specific state. Our assessments are accepted in most state courts and the majority of state DMVs. If you have concerns about acceptance, you can call our office or speak directly to the requesting authority asking for the assessment. You also have the option to contact us before you begin services, and we can discuss our credentials, reporting standards, and any questions you have. 

Will you send the assessment report directly to me when it is completed?

Yes, your evaluator will email you a copy of your report once it's complete. You may then forward the report or decide to permit your evaluator to send it to the third-party authority requesting the assessment. In cases of an official court order, some exceptions can exist.

Will my fees be refunded if my assessment is not accepted?

Assessment Fees (excluding rush order fees) are refundable when requesting parties will not accept our assessment and you meet the conditions of our Terms of Service Refund Policy. You must request your refund within 45 days of completing your assessment. Before requesting a refund, please read our refund policy under Terms of Service carefully.

Will my information be kept private?

Client confidentially is one of NDSBS' primary concerns. Please read our Consent for Service and Terms of Agreement for a detailed description of our privacy terms, including limits to confidentiality as governed by state and federal law. In addition:

  • We are members of the Better Business Bureau and hold an A+ rating.
  • All records are stored on SSL-encrypted servers
  • NDSBS does not record sessions conducted via webcam/video
  • All paper records are properly stored in protected locations

I need my assessment quickly. Can you meet my deadline?

Rush order services can be completed for an additional fee. If you need your assessment quickly, please contact us first to ensure that we can provide you with the complete service by the date you need.

1 May not be accepted in all locations