Brian Davis and the staff at Directions Counseling Group has been wonderful to work with over the years for our client and family referrals. Every aspect of their practice has been outstanding from scheduling appointments in a very timely manner, the choice of counselors and their areas of expertise, amazing kids space, face to face or online assessments, producing detailed summaries with recommendations and individual or class counseling sessions. I appreciate all they do for our clients and their families at the Koffel Law Firm.
Our offices utilize the services of Directions Counseling quite often and have always found them to be accessible, professional and courteous. When I refer a client to Directions Counseling, I know I can count on a timely and complete assessment. The assessments, counseling, and written reports they prepare serve as a useful tool for providing the court with invaluable alternative sentencing options by giving the Court a better understanding of my clients issues and providing a course of conduct to help avoid future court involvement. I highly recommend the services of Directions Counseling and New Directions Assessment Services.
I am a private criminal defense attorney in Columbus, Ohio. I have been practicing law since 1995. I refer a client to New Directions Substance & Behavioral Services at least once a week. I choose them because of the excellent work they do for my clients and their proven track record of sound evaluations. I work closely with the counselors here to help my clients and the response time is very quick. The counselors there are very good a dealing with my clients' known issues and to verify the client does not have a behavioral or substance abuse problem. I look forward to working with them in the future.
The Koffel Law Firm regularly recommends clients contact New Directions andDirections Counseling Group. Our clients are looking for meaningful assessments and therapy. Brian Davis and Directions Counseling is the premiere counseling group in Columbus.
Brian has a very high value for quality and it shows in his work and his selection of staff at Directions Counseling Group.
I practice primarily DUI defense, and I refer clients to Directions Counseling for substance abuse assessments for three reasons.  First, the assessments are always completed and provided to me in a timely manner.  Second, the assessments are well-written.  Third, my clients have given positive feedback about their experiences.  For these reasons, I will continue to refer clients to Directions Counseling and highly recommend them for anyone in need of a substance abuse assessment.
Brian Davis & Directions Counseling Group are extremely professional, open minded and compassionate. As an attorney, I have a great experience utilizing their services as experts in their field. Additionally, my clients have always given me great feedback regarding their interactions.
As an attorney who focuses my practice on representing individuals charged with criminal activity involving alcohol and drugs, I am often in need of counseling providers who can help my clients deal with addressing their underlying issues. Brian Davis and his professional staff at Directions Counseling Group have been instrumental in helping many of my clients battle their alcohol, drug or mental health issues. Regardless of what issues my clients are dealing with, Directions seems to have a professional who can address those specific concerns. I have therefore referred countless clients to Brian and his staff throughout my lengthy career as a criminal defense attorney. I have found Directions to be a great resource for my clients. Directions consistently provides detailed, concise and helpful assessments and provides my clients with a clear game plan for addressing their specific concerns. I have further found Brian and his staff to be courteous, timely, knowledgeable, friendly and professional. I never hesitate to send a client their way.